Sunday, May 10, 2009

Checking Out the "How Weird Street Faire" - San Francisco, CA

Date: 5/10/2009

Gina and I went up to San Francisco with our friends Ariella and Amit to check out the How Weird Street Faire. Definitely lots of weird, wacky and wonderful things to be seen there.

Entering the festival.

Dancing 'round the boom box.

Gina, Ariella and Amit in the background. Random raver chics dancing in the foreground.

Ariella and Amit.

No party this sound system can't get to.

In the jungle.

Wicker and disco, what a combo.

Festival food.

Pooh slippers.

Lots of women walking around on stilts.

Impressive dreads.

Basket case.

LOL indeed!

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