Monday, April 27, 2009

Henry Coe State Park - Expedition to Pacheco Falls

Date: 4/24/2009 - 4/26/2009
Distance: 8.5 miles backpacking, 9 miles hiking (approximates)

I'm over a month late posting these pics from our latest Henry Coe backpacking adventure. On this trip Gina, Steve and I took the "easy" route to Kelly Lake and setup base camp for a weekend of hiking, fishing and bouldering. Steve would be moving back to Arizona a couple of weeks after this, so it was our last chance to pack in a spring adventure in our favorite wild place in the bay area.

On with the picture show...

Ascending out of Grizzly Gulch Friday afternoon.

The view from our campsite at Kelly Lake on Saturday morning.

Some Ewoks setup camp in a meadow on the other end of the lake.

On our day hike to Pacheco Falls we found this (radio?) tower. Gina was sad that climbing on the tower was not allowed...

But she got her fix on this big boulder (aka Radio Rock)!

A very happy Gina.

Steve takes a turn on Radio Rock...


This must be the way.

Miner's lettuce. Starting to dry out and die for the season already.

Wild looking magenta thistle.

Pacheco creek bed. Coe creeks are infamously rugged, and lots of fun to hike through.

Close up of a boulder in Pacheco Creek.

Pacheco Falls, just a trickle by this late in the spring...

...but the rocks were impressive none the less.

We scrambled up the falls to the fire road above.

Looking down into Pacheco Falls. My brownie fell down there somewhere. We thought better about climbing down for it.

A view of Walsh Peak.

We miss you out here Steve! Here's one more parting shot of an oak tree in case you get home sick for Coe.

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